26 Feb Kitchen Modifications to Free Up Space and Make Meal Prep a Breeze!

Home cooking and meal prep has become one of the most popular and affordable ways to eat healthier! Modifying your kitchen to accommodate the extra usage will not only make meal prep a breeze but add so much value to your home! Here a few easy and DIY ideas to help update your kitchen!

TIP: Wall-mounted racks for your kitchen tools 

You will want to keep your knives, spatulas, spoons and other kitchen tools easily accessible, but storing them in ceramic pots or other canisters can waste valuable counter space. Instead, consider installing magnetic racks or convenient, wall-mounted wooden compartments to store your kitchen tools. This also works great for often-needed spices and other small objects.

TIP: Make plenty of hidden storage space

Finding a place to store your pots, pans, small appliances and ingredients for meal prep can be an ongoing challenge, so it is important that your kitchen has enough cabinet and shelf space. Having  hidden places to store all your kitchen gadgets can go a long way toward decluttering the space and making it usable for all your culinary adventures.

TIP: A usable chef’s triangle

Many experienced cooks will tell you that most of their time in the kitchen is spent going between the sink, trash can and empty counter space Ensuring that it is easy to reach these three key locations can help make your cooking and subsequent cleanup as quick and easy as possible. If you are remodeling your kitchen, keep the chef’s triangle in mind when laying out the space.

TIP: Easy-to-use garbage and recycling bins

Keeping an easy-to-use trash can, recycling bin and compost pile can drastically reduce your cleanup time. Consider installing permanent bins that are easy to access, this will increase the likelihood that you will take the time to recycle, rather than using the trash can out of sheer convenience.

TIP: A sink with 2 or 3 separate basins

If you are considering replacing a single appliance with a more commercial, chef-style version, the sink should be at the top of your list. Having plenty of room to cut, peel and wash vegetables, while also having a spot to dump your dirty dishes, can be a life-changing addition to your kitchen.

Consider taking advantage of these great upgrades during your next kitchen remodel. If you enjoy cooking and spending time in the kitchen, you will not regret adding these chef-style features to your home.


Austin Ellis